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Nature Teaches Us to Let Go

Have you ever really stopped and thought about the cycles of the seasons?In the spring, the buds of leaves and flowers begin to sprout on trees.During summer, the leaves, flowers, and fruits grow and flourish.In the fall, the leaves turn yellow, orange, red, and brown, and eventually drop to the ground.Fruit and vegetables become ripe and either fall or are harvested from the trees and plants.In the winter, trees go within to rest, hibernate, and prepare for the spring again.


Have you ever been involved in an activity or relationship that you knew was not good for you, but you didn’t know how to end it?Or maybe you were just not ready to say goodbye yet?How would you let go?

Perhaps you’ve had an unhealthy habit that you’re embarrassed about and hide from other people.It could involve food, alcohol, drugs, money, or poor self-care.Maybe you have harshly berated with yourself whenever you made mistakes, which only made you feel worse about yourself.Even though you feel like you’re in an endless cycle of negativity, there is always a way to break free.

You may have found yourself feeling trapped in a relationship that seemed promising at first, but that became unsatisfying, conflictual, or possibly even dangerous.No matter how much you have tried to work things out, arguments kept occurring.You might have worked very hard to please the other person, yet you wound up feeling like you’re never good enough.Perhaps you’ve given or received verbal, emotional, physical, and/or sexual abuse in the relationship.Even though you might feel trapped, there is always a way out.

When things are dying, Nature teaches us to let go.If you would like assistance in letting go of an activity, habit, or relationship that is not in your highest good, psychotherapy could help you to have Nature as your teacher to let go of things in a natural and healthy manner.Letting go could give you more space, light, and energy to create the joyful life of your dreams!If you’re ready to let go and move into the next chapter of your life, call me at 512-687-3436 for an appointment.You can manifest your own Independence Day!

~Linda Eldredge, Ed.D., Psychologist

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